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Our Impact: Elevating Food and Farm Entrepreneurs

We invest in the success of food and farm entrepreneurs across Michigan by offering flexible financing and tailored business assistance to grow a more resilient, inclusive local food system.


Funding Food and Farm Businesses

We meet entrepreneurs where they are, connect them with what they need, and build long-term relationships that help their businesses thrive. As we work toward a more resilient, inclusive food industry, we focus on entrepreneurs whose access to power and capital has been historically limited because of their race, ethnicity, and/or gender. Our efforts are guided by the shared vision of our Stakeholder Board, a diverse group of entrepreneurs, farmers, funders, and policymakers with deep roots in Michigan.

Numbers Backed By Purpose

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Michigan Good Food Fund has provided $22.4 million in loans and grants and nearly 5,000 hours of business assistance since the lending and support network’s inception in 2015.

Image: Mamba Hamissi of Baobab Fare in Detroit, Michigan.

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Of the businesses supported since 2015, 67% are BIPOC-owned and 60% are woman-owned.

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Baobab Fare

This restaurant, food truck, and marketplace brings East African culture to Detroit through stories, products, and authentic cuisine.


Tastefull Vegan Frozen Desserts

Tastefull Vegan serves delight in every bite with allergen-free desserts and dairy-free ice cream in Wyoming.


NoBo Mrkt   

This collaborative cafe and beverage bar is equipped for sipping, savoring, and socializing in Northern Michigan, connecting community through food, family, arts, and wellness.


Argus Farm Stop

This Ann Arbor-based farmers market provides a year-round venue for local producers to sell their goods, supporting over 200 farmers and value-added producers from across Michigan.



This sustainable vermicomposting business serves residents and businesses in Grand Rapids.


What’s the Dill

This one-of-a-kind deli restaurant serves kosher dill pickle sandwiches, catering to vegans, vegetarians, Keto dieters, and people with other unique dietary restrictions.


Milk & Froth

Founded in Detroit, this artisanal ice cream business crafts premium, locally sourced products at an accessible price point for brick-and-mortar patrons and local grocery store shoppers across Southeast Michigan.


MFER Seasonings & Sauces

MFER offers no-salt seasonings crafted from local, healthy ingredients and designed to deliver robust flavors without the added sodium.


Khadi’s Cuisine

Nourishing the Ypsilanti community with a diverse array of West African and Halal dishes, this restaurant, catering, and food delivery service offers a flavorful experience for every plate.



Bringing a family eggroll recipe and unique flavors to Metro Detroit, this food truck and catering business is also creating job opportunities within its local community.


Cruz Burgers, The Mushroom Angel

Pioneering a healthier way to eat, The Mushroom Angel Company combines fresh ingredients with a mission for personal and planetary health.


Damian Craft Meats

This USDA-certified slaughterhouse and meat processing facility helps reconnect communities to small farmers and quality meat in Ann Arbor.


Placita Olvera - Mexico Mercado

This vibrant, multi-use development features a brewery, a business incubator space, and multiple fresh food options in Grand Rapids.


Forty Acres

From creating fair wage jobs to sourcing ingredients from local farms, Forty Acres revives tradition and community through soulful dining in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Zilke Vegetable Farm

This 25-acre farm and year-round retail space with 60+ CSA members helps increase access to fresh produce and creates opportunities for local farmers in Milan.

Supported by Partnership

Our lending network, comprising a diverse coalition of partners and guided by the vision of our Stakeholder Board, provides loans ranging from $2,500 to $6 million for food businesses making a positive impact and achieving growth.


What’s The Dill LLC

“I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant. During COVID-19, I realized that tomorrow isn’t promised. I took a leap of faith to start a business with this unique sandwich concept that quickly became very successful.”

- Leona Gist-Milton, owner of What’s The Dill LLC

A unique Dill Pickle sandwich by What's The Dill LLC.

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Reach us at info@MIGoodFoodFund.org

A Michigan farm entrepreneur growing nutritious produce to strengthen health across the State.

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