NoBo Mrkt   

This collaborative cafe and beverage bar is equipped for sipping, savoring, and socializing in Northern Michigan, connecting community through food, family, arts, and wellness.


Northwest Michigan

Investment Type

Financing | See Glossary


Lake Trust Credit Union

NoBo Mrkt is a community hub in Traverse City, Michigan where food, drinks, arts, and wellness converge.

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, NoBo Mrkt is more than just a cafe and beverage bar — it’s a community hub where food, drinks, arts, and wellness converge. Guests enjoy specialty coffees, local beers, handcrafted cocktails, and a variety of locally sourced food items in a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

NoBo Mrkt is dedicated and invested in inclusivity and community growth. Through their incubator kitchens and the Hatch @ NoBo Mrkt mentoring program, they support emerging food and beverage entrepreneurs, particularly from marginalized and minority communities, helping them thrive in a competitive market.

NoBo Mrkt embodies the spirit of Northern Michigan. With the support of a loan from Lake Trust Credit Union through the Michigan Good Food Fund, NoBo Mrkt continues to foster connections and celebrate the region’s rich culinary landscape. 

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