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Trainings & Workshops for Food & Farm Entrepreneurs

Dig deeper with expert-led sessions customized for the food and farm industry. Learn strategies and actionable tips to drive your business forward.


Loan Preparation for New and Beginning Farmers

Is the idea of taking out a loan for your new farm business a bit overwhelming? Loans are an important tool for growing any business and if approached with the right groundwork, can be a beneficial part of your business development.

This webinar series provides new and beginning farmers with the tools they need to secure a loan. Four sessions spotlight representatives from three popular agricultural lenders.

Food Hub Zoning and Michigan Growth Initiative Webinar

The Michigan Food Hub Learning and Innovation Network recently hosted a webinar focusing on zoning and land use issues pertinent to identifying and developing sites for food hubs. The latter segment of the presentation featured an overview of Michigan's $3 million Strategic Growth Initiative, which aims to bolster the state’s food processing industry. This initiative is coordinated by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Access more resources tailored for food and farm businesses by partnering with Michigan Good Food Fund for business assistance or financing.

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