Argus Farm Stop

This Ann Arbor-based farmers market provides a year-round venue for local producers to sell their goods, supporting over 200 farmers and value-added producers from across Michigan.


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Fair Food Network

Image of the outside of Argus Farm Stop grocery store in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Argus Farm Stop offers three locations where locally grown food can be bought seven days a week.

Since its inception, Argus Farm Stop has revolutionized how local produce and goods reach consumers. By consolidating retail grocery, produce box services, and online ordering operations at a new location, Argus Farm Stop has streamlined its operations to serve both producers and consumers better. Additionally, the farm stop has paid out $15 million to its network of local farmers, significantly bolstering the local agricultural economy.

Supported by a substantial loan from the Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund, Argus Farm Stop has also reconfigured its other locations to enhance customer offerings. One such enhancement includes an expanded café and tavern, providing a more comprehensive array of prepared foods and drink options. This investment and partnership has allowed their business to grow and maintain a robust connection between the community and fresh, locally sourced products.

The farm stop has adeptly navigated challenges, such as managing growth and maintaining a vast network of producers, through strategic financial management and strong partnerships. These efforts ensure that Argus Farm Stop remains a crucial hub for local produce and goods in Michigan, promoting sustainability and success among the state’s small farms.

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