This sustainable vermicomposting business serves residents and businesses in Grand Rapids.


West Michigan

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Fair Food Network

A greenhouse with an open door. Above the entrance is a sign that reads "WORMIES VERMICOMPOST." Inside, various materials and equipment are visible, including bags and a pile of soil. The sky is partly cloudy.

Wormies specializes in composting with worms to create microbial and nutrient-rich soils for farms and gardens across West Michigan. It also offers composting services for residents and companies across Grand Rapids, and aims to help the city set a national standard for responsible food-waste management.

When Wormies acquired 13.5 acres of land to expand its operations in West Michigan, the business also received a reimbursement grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy to help with development. With an expansive property in hand and not much working capital in pocket, Wormies needed flexible financial assistance in order to break ground and fulfill the grant requirements within a limited timeframe. Michigan Good Food Fund worked with Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund to provide a line of credit to keep Wormies’ progress in motion.

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