Damian Craft Meats

This USDA-certified slaughterhouse and meat processing facility helps reconnect communities to small farmers and quality meat in Ann Arbor.


Southeast Michigan

Investment Type

Business Assistance, Financing | See Glossary


Capital Impact Partners

Damian Rivera and Rosemary Linares, Co-founders and Co-owners of Damian's Craft Meats

Inspired by co-owner Damian Rivera’s childhood in Guanajuato, Mexico, Damian’s Craft Meats revives the traditional butcher’s craft in Ann Arbor. Their USDA-certified facility focuses on hand-crafted meats and specialized catering, connecting customers directly to the source of their food.

Thanks to an investment award in 2018, Damian’s has upgraded their equipment and expanded their offerings, ensuring every product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Damians Craft Meats is more than just a butcher — it’s a part of the community, providing meats that are not only superior in taste but also responsibly sourced.

While their current slaughtering operation provides a vital lifeline for local farmers, they are planning a larger slaughter and processing facility to improve Michigan’s meat industry altogether.

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