Milk & Froth

Founded in Detroit, this artisanal ice cream business crafts premium, locally sourced products at an accessible price point for brick-and-mortar patrons and local grocery store shoppers across Southeast Michigan.


Detroit Metro

Investment Type

Financing - Term Loan | See Glossary


Fair Food Network, Michigan Women Forward

A large scoop of ice cream held up in the foreground with the sign "Milk & Froth" in bright red letters on a stone building in the background. The building features ornate architectural details.

Alexis Matteson and Deion Cao, co-founders of Milk & Froth, started their business with the intention of “democratizing artisanal ice cream.” They envisioned premium ice cream made from locally sourced products and free of additives, but at a price that makes their ice cream accessible to a wider audience.

Milk & Froth opened in 2018 as a food truck where customers could find the unique made-from-scratch flavors. Their ingredients are locally sourced, and they’re committed to providing their employees a living wage while selling their ice cream at a price that’s accessible to more people.

Milk & Froth’s business model proved so successful and their customer base so loyal that in 2021 Matteson and Cao opened their first brick-and-mortar location in Detroit. When the time came to open a second location, Matteson and Cao approached Michigan Good Food Fund partners Fair Food Network and Michigan Women Forward for financing to build out a leased space in Ann Arbor. Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund supplemented the original loan with a microloan to address the business’ immediate needs and remove barriers to expansion.

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