Cruz Burgers, The Mushroom Angel

Pioneering a healthier way to eat, The Mushroom Angel Company combines fresh ingredients with a mission for personal and planetary health.


Detroit Metro

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Financing | See Glossary


Detroit Development Fund, Fair Food Network

W.E. and Dominique Da’Cruz of The Mushroom Angel Company in Detroit, Michigan

Founded by W.E. and Dominique Da’Cruz, The Mushroom Angel Company is revolutionizing plant-based eating with Cruz Burgers, inspired by the flavors experienced on a trip to Malawi. Unlike mainstream alternatives that often contain GMOs and many unpronounceable components, Mushroom Angel products are crafted with transparency and health in mind: Their simple, fresh ingredients — primarily mushrooms — ensure that Cruz Burgers support both individual well-being and environmental sustainability.

With support from the Michigan Good Food Fund and a recent victory at the Michigan Good Food Pitch Competition, The Mushroom Angel Company is expanding its reach throughout the country, with products in 72 locations across six states promoting a conscious lifestyle that benefits personal health, animal welfare, and the planet.

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