Placita Olvera – Mexico Mercado

This vibrant, multi-use development features a brewery, a business incubator space, and multiple fresh food options in Grand Rapids.


West Michigan

Investment Type

Financing | See Glossary


Fair Food Network, Northern Initatives

Javier Olvera, owner of Placita Olvera in

Placita Olvera is a vibrant development that breathes new life into a former factory in Grand Rapids, transforming it into a bustling hub of Hispanic culture and commerce. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs Javier and Pablo Olvera, this dynamic destination boasts a local brewery, an outdoor farmers market, restaurants, and a business incubator space.

As part of the Viva La Avenida initiative, Placita Olvera revitalizes the neighborhood with the only fresh food retail site in the area. The site offers access to local produce and a variety of dining options. Funded by several loans from Northern Initiatives and Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund, the project supports the community’s growth by providing essential services and fostering economic development.

Placita Olvera is more than a marketplace — it’s a cultural revival, inviting everyone to enjoy, explore, and engage in Grand Rapids’ rich Hispanic heritage.

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