Winners Announced: MSU Product Center Business Assistance Award

Michigan Good Food Fund is excited to announce the winners of the first round of Business Assistance Awards, intended to support enterprises helping grow Michigan’s good food future.

Five businesses were selected to receive $1,000 each toward targeted support from the MSU Product Center. If your business would benefit from nutrition labeling, product formulation, or market studies, consider applying for the second round of awards. Learn more about how to apply; the application deadline is March 8.

Round 1 Winners

Fit Smoothie, Detroit

Owned by Lashandra Averett and Matthew Boyd, Fit Smoothie makes pre-packaged, frozen, ready to blend smoothies, offering customers the ability to quickly access healthy, locally-sourced, and convenient foods at an affordable price. Fit Smoothie intends to use their Business Assistance Award for a process authority review to help bring the product to retail locations.


Grand Rapids Food Co-op, Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Food Co-op is a cooperative with 145 business owners opening in a 10,000 square foot full service grocery store in Central Grand Rapids and it intends to use the Business Assistance Award for an economic and market analysis.



Sisters on a Roll, Detroit

Owned by Harriette Brown, Sisters on a Roll is a catering business that offers healthy, locally sourced convenience flavored with love. It specializes in healthy spins on traditional fare to vegan alternative menu items. Sisters on a Roll intends to use their Business Assistance Award for nutrition facts labels.


Superior Meals, Grand Rapids

Owned by Eric Freeman, Superior Meals is a meal subscription company that prepares and delivers healthy meals direct to its customers. Superior Meals plans to use their Business Assistance Award for nutrition analysis.


Teff-rific, Lansing

Owned by Rahel Musa, Teff-rific serves authentic Eritrean/Ethiopian food at the Allen Neighborhood Marketplace in Lansing. The business offers hot, already prepared food with a focus on using gluten-free grains and catering to those with vegetarian/vegan needs. Teff-rific intends to use their Business Assistance Award for product development.