April 26, 2023

Integrated Capital Investing Selects Michigan Good Food Fund for The Transformative 25 2023 List

On April 26, 2023 the Transformative 25 (T25) Project and Integrated Capital Investing released its…



On April 26, 2023 the Transformative 25 (T25) Project and Integrated Capital Investing released its third list of integrated capital funds, banks and initiatives transforming finance since 2021. Michigan Good Food Fund was selected as part of T25’s Climate Change Solutions list.

The T25 identifies and recognizes funds, banks and initiatives which demonstrate the power and possibility of integrated capital toward a finance system that works for people and the planet.

T25 funds employ creative financial tools, generate social, relational, and ecological returns, and engage with ownership and governance for equity.

The T25 Selection Committee includes 19 members from multiple sectors who reviewed a diverse group of funds that drive innovative solutions to wealth inequality, the climate crisis, unbanked entrepreneurs and families, and racial and gender discrimination. The funds provide holistic solutions and business assistance to returning citizens, Native communities, the underhoused and underemployed.

The T25 funds illustrate that collaboration, rather than competition, is the path to solving problems. Ishita Shah, one of the committee members noted, “The integrated capital community is one that spreads its wings by teaching others rather than employing a competitive culture. That’s the beauty of keeping impact center stage – everyone’s incentive is to spread ideas and approaches to impact, rather than compete on the best fund or greatest financial success.”

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