Stakeholder Board Spotlight: Daniel Marbury

In our “Stakeholder Board Spotlight” series, we get to hear stories from our Stakeholder Board members across Michigan’s food system, including what sparked their career path and their thoughts on Michigan Good Food Fund’s next chapter. Next up is Michigan Good Food Fund Stakeholder Board member Daniel Marbury.

Daniel Marbury
Program Coordinator, Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology

Daniel Marbury has facilitated connection and support between people for the production of “fair food.”

Georgia-born Marbury helped nurture and introduce school-age children to the magic of growing and preparing their own food during his tenures at FoodCorps and AmeriCorps nonprofit programs across Michigan and the rest of the Midwest.

From there, he settled in northern Michigan and now connects farmers and “home-scale” food producers in that region as the Program Coordinator at Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology. In his role, he supports both existing and new food producers through funding, partnerships, and technical assistance, specifically helping the producers take an ecological approach in maintaining clean water, building healthy soil, and, by extension, nourishing their communities. Thanks to Marbury and Crosshatch, those connections have borne financial fruit, such as individual growers receiving cost saving knowledge and advice and funding for their enterprises.


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