Stakeholder Board Spotlight: Brittany Bradd

In our “Stakeholder Board Spotlight” series, we get to hear stories from our Stakeholder Board members across Michigan’s food system, including what sparked their career path and their thoughts on Michigan Good Food Fund’s next chapter. Next up is Michigan Good Food Fund Stakeholder Board Member Brittany Bradd.

Brittany Bradd
Owner and Operator, Greydale Farms

Brittany Bradd is a long-time resident of Brightmoor, Detroit. Since 2014, Brittany has been the owner and operator of Greydale Farms, a 2.5 acre regenerative farm in Brightmoor, as well as Executive Director of Brightmoor Artisans Collective, a nonprofit community center and small food business incubation space.

She has been on the board of several local organizations, including Eastern Market’s Detroit Community Markets, MSU’s Detroit Partnership for Food Learning & Innovation, and Neighbors Building Brightmoor with a focus and passion for increasing the community’s capacity for food sovereignty, neighborhood beautification, economic mobility, and more.


“I’m excited to see the Michigan Good Food Fund commit to assisting in the stabilization and scaling of beginning and small businesses. These businesses are often overlooked or not granted access to these sorts of capital resources due to their potentially high risk levels. My hope is that we can see the high reward in their successes and contributions to the food system.”
— Brittany Bradd


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