June 23, 2020

Standing Together for Racial Equity & Justice

The Michigan Good Food Fund vehemently condemns the systemic racism that fuels violence and inequality…



The Michigan Good Food Fund vehemently condemns the systemic racism that fuels violence and inequality Black Americans face every day of their lives.

We stand in solidarity with Michigan’s Black community, the protestors and others on the frontlines of this work, and the many entrepreneurs of color we have had the privilege of working with these past five years along with the many others we endeavor to support in the next five years.

And we know that that is not enough.

As a mission-driven initiative, we know we need to do better. The staggering health and wealth gaps in our country disproportionately impact black and brown people. This is the result of hundreds of years of deeply rooted and systemic oppression. By centering race in our work, we are working to dismantle some of these barriers that prevent communities of color from accessing healthy food and economic opportunities.

We also acknowledge that a statement is not as powerful as action. We have a long way to go towards shattering racism in all its forms, and we know we can do more to dismantle the structural and institutional racism that flows through our food system from farm to fork.

We will continue to use the power and influence of our partnership to support black and brown communities by investing in its entrepreneurs and pursuing new innovations in the field as we work together to build a more equitable food system.

Michigan Good Food Fund

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