An investment in food and farm businesses is an investment in Michigan’s future.

Michigan Good Food Fund invests in food and farm entrepreneurs across the state, offering flexible financing and tailored business assistance that supports vibrant, equitable communities. We meet entrepreneurs where they are, connect them with what they need, and build long-term relationships that help their businesses thrive.

Redefining “Good Food”.

When we began our work in 2015, we focused on businesses that offer healthy food options to underserved communities across Michigan. As we work toward a more resilient, inclusive food industry, our definition of “good food” has evolved beyond food that meets certain nutritional criteria; it’s about food that serves communities and strengthens the economy.

Today, we prioritize funding and support for entrepreneurs who represent communities that have been marginalized due to race, ethnicity, and/or gender. Our goal is to help them prepare for and secure investment that will help their businesses grow and thrive.

Our Stakeholder Board.

Michigan Good Food Fund’s work is guided by the shared vision of our Stakeholder Board—a diverse collective of people with deep roots in Michigan and a range of food industry careers. Some of them have received our loans in the past.

Together, we work to ensure that future investments reflect the priorities of the people and communities most affected by wealth inequities.

Meet our stakeholder board members.

From Growers to Food Retailers, and Anyone In Between.

Our collective of lending and technical assistance partners understand the value of investing in small businesses that may not yet qualify for traditional financing. Our customized approach establishes new pathways to success for a wider range of entrepreneurs, improves people’s access to culturally relevant food, creates jobs, and strengthens local economies.

We work with food and farm businesses across our state’s food value chain, from growers to food retailers and anyone in between.

Learn more about if eligiblity here.

The Michigan Good Food Fund provides a financing opportunity.

Supported projects are nourishing their communities, sparking job creation, and strengthening the local food economy in Michigan.

Whether you are an investor or a food or farm business, the Michigan Good Food Fund is an opportunity to help transform communities across our state into places of opportunity.

Learn more about our stakeholder board and lending network at the Michigan Good Food Fund and connect with us today.