An investment in good food is an investment in Michigan’s future.

Michigan Good Food Fund is a statewide loan fund that invests in good food enterprises working to increase access to healthy food and spark economic opportunity in places that need it most. Since 2015, this initiative has provided more than $17 million in loans and grants supporting 300+ Michigan-based food businesses that grow, process, distribute, and sell healthy food.

We’re on the lookout for Michigan-based businesses that, with our support, can make a positive change in their communities. Support included financing as well as business assistance with the goal to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and thrive.

From Farm to (Every) Fork.

As a mission-driven effort, we focus support on businesses that are increasing healthy food access, creating jobs, integrating environmental practices, and supporting local souring. We also bring a deep commitment to racial and social equity to ensure more equitable access to financing as well as food, jobs, and ownership.

Finally, we are committed to supporting projects from farm to fork. This includes the range of businesses that grow, process, distribute, or sell “good food,” meaning food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable.

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Why it matters.

More than 1.8 million Michigan residents—including 300,000 children—live in communities with limited access to the nutritious fruits and vegetables they need to thrive.

Children and families in these communities too often struggle with diabetes, heart disease, or excess weight. Such health issues disproportionately impact communitites of color.

But it goes beyond health.

These same communities also often face higher rates of unemployment, and children of color in Michigan are disproportionately poor.

And while Michigan is an agricultural powerhouse with food and agriculture major contributors to the state’s economy, the links that connect our farmers to retail opportunities needs to be strengthened to better meet the growing demand for locally grown food.

The Michigan Good Food Fund responds to these challenges with a financing opportunity.

Supported projects are increasing access to healthy food, improving the health of children and families across Michigan, and sparking job creation and economic opportunity in communities that need it the most.

Whether you are an investor or a food entrepreneur, the Michigan Good Food Fund is an opportunity to help transform communities across our state into places of opportunity.

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