Seed Award Spotlight: Café Rica

Jackson Bredehoft, co-owner of Café Rica, a family-owned coffee company and café in Battle Creek standing at the cafe's cash wrap.Tristan Bredehoft, co-owner of Café Rica, a family-owned coffee company and café in Battle Creek, dressed in a green tuxedo with a black bow tie.In our “Seed Award Spotlight” series, we asked our inaugural Seed Award winners about their experience as a food or farm entrepreneur, including the passion behind their business, and what motivates them to do the work they do every day. In early 2024, 11 Seed Award winners were chosen to receive seed funding totaling almost $150,000, based on their businesses’ commitment to promoting racial equity, enhancing healthy food access, fostering job creation, and embracing resilient climate practices.   

One of these distinguished award winners is Café Rica, a family-owned coffee company and café in Battle Creek with deep roots in Costa Rica. Café Rica is known for their dedication to hospitality, relationships, and a vibrant café atmosphere. With the award, they plan to purchase essential equipment to expand their wholesale operations.  

Read our interview with owners Jackson and Tristan Bredehoft to learn more about Café Rica and how they deliver exceptional coffee, food, and ambiance in the spirit of “Pura Vida!”  

What does being selected as a Seed Award winner mean to you personally, and how does it reflect on the journey of your business so far?  

It holds significant meaning for us as it affirms the efforts we’ve poured into both our café and the community. This recognition reflects our journey, marking the distance we’ve traveled. Starting as coffee importers with a dream to bottle cold brew, we evolved into a bustling coffee shop. Now, we’re returning to large-scale coffee production, a testament to our growth and commitment. 

In what ways will the Seed Award funding support your immediate and long-term business goals? 

With this funding, we’re poised to acquire equipment that will turbocharge our coffee production, enhancing efficiency and scalability. This strategic investment ensures our long-term success, sparing us the growing pains that would otherwise accompany our expansion.  

Can you share your vision for the positive changes you hope to make in your business and the broader community?  

The funding enables us to outfit our new roastery for full-scale coffee production. This means not only meeting the coffee demands of our existing café but also expanding our wholesale operations, fostering company growth, and creating more job opportunities in our community. Additionally, our initiative breathes new life and purpose into a vacant building, enriching Battle Creek with vibrancy and productivity.  

What led you to start your business? What motivates you to do what you do? 

Our café began as a means to introduce people to our coffee, igniting a passion to share our craft. Witnessing the vibrant community we’ve nurtured; we’re driven to persist in our mission. We aspire to remain integral to the Battle Creek community, fostering positivity and making a lasting impact.

Want to try Café Rica? Visit their website to find their Battle Creek location or view online ordering options. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and X. 

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