Forty Acres Soul Kitchen

Forty Acres Soul Kitchen
About: Soul food eatery bringing African American food traditions to Grand Rapids with an emphasis on healthy and vegetarian options.
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Investment: $50,000 loan
Partners: Northern Initiatives

Michigan Good Food Fund loan supporting Forty Acres Soul Kitchen launch, bringing 15 jobs to the community.

Forty Acres Soul Kitchen opened in March 2018 as Grand Rapids’ only African American-owned full-service restaurant. Key to its mission? Celebrating African American history and culinary traditions. From the name Forty Acres, a reference to the “40 acres and a mule” promise the United States government made to formerly enslaved black farmers, to the menu of traditional soul food with healthy twists, the restaurant celebrates black culture and food traditions. Co-owners Lewis Williams and Darel Ross II are also committed to bringing minority-owned businesses back into the redeveloping Wealthy Street District, an area with a deep history of minority-owned business. Michigan Good Food Fund financing provided critical operations funding, helping Forty Acres as it open its doors to the community.

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