Ken’s Fruit Market

Ken’s Fruit Market
About: Multi-site family-owned grocery store
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Investment: $445,000 Loan
Partners: Capital Impact Partners and Fair Food Network

Support of three neighborhood grocery stores serving up fresh, affordable, and locally sourced produce. Family-run retail operation provides 30 part-time and 40 full-time jobs while supporting Michigan famers, processors, and distributors.

Founded by Ken and Gina Courts in 2010, Ken’s Fruit Market is a multi-site family-owned grocery store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their three stores feature high-quality food at low prices. Anchors of healthy food access in the neighborhoods they serve, each store features 3,500 square feet of fresh fruits and vegetables. This includes a variety of Michigan grown produce and other products sourced from area farmers, processors, and distributors, furthering the positive economic development impact of the stores across the state. Each store also tailors its offerings to meet the cultural tastes of its customers. Michigan Good Food Fund provided a $445,000 loan in 2017 through Capital Impact Partners to improve operational efficiencies. In addition to financing, the fund also provided one-on-one business assistance pre and post loan to support corporate restructuring and grocery operations.

“Ken and I are so excited about our alliance with the Michigan Good Food Fund. We can’t thank you enough for helping us become more financially strong. This partnership makes our commitment to providing healthy food at a low cost to everyone better than ever!”
‒ Gina Courts, Co-owner, Ken’s Fruit Market

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